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About us

Quantstamp is the leader in blockchain security, having performed over 200 audits and secured over $100 billion in value. Our mission is to facilitate the mainstream adoption of blockchain technology through our security and risk assessment services.

Quantstamp services include securing Layer 1 blockchains such as Ethereum 2.0 and Binance Smart Chain, securing smart contract powered NFT and DeFi applications such as Maker and NBA Top Shot, and developing financial primitives for Layer 1 blockchain ecosystems. Enterprise companies and NGOs such as Siemens, Toyota, and World Economic Forum also trust Quantstamp to secure their blockchain implementations.

We secure the assets in your digital nation. 


From DeFi collectibles to digital real estate, NFTs are changing how we think about digital ownership. Quantstamp is proud to have secured some of the most valuable projects in the NFT space.

  • B.20
  • 액시 인피니티
  • NBA 탑 샷
  • 조라 (주라)
  • Illuvium
  • 슈퍼레어


DeFi is enhancing traditional finance by enabling faster settlement, access to global liquidity, and applications that were previously impossible. We work with DeFi applications that are building the infrastructure for the financial systems of tomorrow.

  • 메이커
  • 곡선
  • 반사 신경
  • Sushi
  • 화합물
  • 키지다오
  • Polygon

Layer 1 Blockchains

Digital assets managed by DeFi, NFTs, and native tokens such as ETH are not only secured by smart contracts, they are also dependent on the security of the underlying blockchain. Securing Layer 1 blockchains is yet another way we keep the assets in your digital nation safe and secure.

  • Ethereum 2.0 - Prysm and Teku
  • 흐름
  • 눈사태
  • 카르다노
  • NEAR
  • 컨럭스
Layer 1 Blockchains

Blockchain and Layer 1 Ecosystem Development

New blockchains require DeFi and NFT primitives and other complimentary software in order to provide their users with the full benefits of composability and blockchain technology. We help blockchain ecosystems secure and implement:

  • DEXs
  • Money Markets
  • NFT and stablecoin standards and implementations
  • Wallet Software
  • Light Clients
Blockchain and Layer 1 Ecosystem Development

CBDCs and Stablecoins

Policymakers are exploring how central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) can be used to efficiently implement new monetary policies. Quantstamp secures stablecoins and has experience guiding private industry, NGOs, and policymakers through the benefits and trade-offs associated with CBDCs.


  • Secured regulated yen-stablecoin for GMO Internet Group
  • Serving as Technical Contributor on World Economic Forum’s Digital Currency Governance Consortium
CBDCs and Stablecoins

Exchange and Custodian Services

Exchanges and companies offering custody services are an essential onramp into the world of digital assets. Companies like Binance, BitGo and Buycoins trust us to help them provide secure products to their users.

Exchange and Custodian Services

Enterprise Research and Implementations

Blockchain’s ability to create transparent accounting between untrusted parties and enhance transaction settlement has numerous applications in private industry. Enterprise companies trust Quantstamp to help them implement compliant and insured blockchain solutions.  


Mobility Open Blockchain Initiative (MOBI), Toyota, Mitsubishi, Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Investment (METI)

Enterprise Research and Implementations

보험 제공

Insurance is an essential component of mature industries, and the blockchain industry is maturing fast. Quantstamp is uniquely qualified to assess risk in this industry, which is why we serve as an actuary and connect partners to leading insurance providers to protect their valuable assets.

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