Competitive Compensation, Work Life Balance, Thriving Culture

Quantstamp is the leading blockchain security company in an emerging industry. Whether your expertise is in security research or NFTs, we are looking for team members motivated to take initiative and solve challenging problems.

Competitive Compensation Packages

We offer highly competitive compensation packages on par with big tech, in addition to equity, performance bonuses, and employee referral bonuses. 

Respecting the Work / Life Balance

We understand that employee burnout interferes with creativity, effectiveness, and quality of life. 

Given a 40h contract, we allocate only 30h; 10h is left as a buffer

5 - 6  vacation weeks per year for full time employees

Paid family leave

Paid gym memberships or online workout subscriptions of your choice

Remote 1st Company

Working for Quantstamp means that you can work from anywhere in the globe. Outside of certain meetings, employees can work whenever they prefer from wherever they want. Here are some of the places you will find Quantstamp employees: 


Other Perks

We pay for all of the expenses related to the following perks:

Quarterly retreats in exotic locations

Attendance at blockchain and security conferences

Professional technical training and courses 


We don’t like red tape: we limit needless bureaucracy

Heavy collaboration and knowledge sharing keeps us at the state-of-the-art

Encourage physical and mental health

We are passionate about security and we do not compromise on our security assessments

Is This a Good Career Move?

Blockchain technology is here to stay. Multi-billion dollar finance companies are already exploring blockchain implementations including CitiGroup, Depository Trust and Clearing Group, UBS, and JPMorgan Chase (source).

Working for Quantstamp is akin to working for an internet company in 1997. In 1997, we didn’t know what the internet would look like in 10 years, but those involved knew it was going to have a huge impact on the future. 

We are also not just any blockchain company, security is essential in any blockchain implementation and organizations like Siemens, GMO, and World Economic Forum and pioneering protocols like Ethereum 2.0, Maker, and Curve trust Quantstamp with their security needs. We have already secured over 100 billion USD worth of digital assets for over 220 clients.

Interested in learning more? Read our recent interview with our employees to see what it is like to work at Quantstamp from their perspective.